Selling Guide

A handy guide to what we're currently accepting and how to get your items ready for re-sale with us!

Check items before packing

  • Do a wear and tear check! Our tip is to check under the arms, crotch area and around the seams.

  • Ensure all your items are clean and freshly laundered

  • Remove items from all pockets

1. You get your Tidy Kit

You'll receive your Tidy Kit in the mail and it's time for you to fill it up and send it back to us!

3. Sit back and relax

Our team will do the hard work of marketing your clothes to sell them!

Your items have a 60 days listing window, at 30 days we will discount your items by 25%.

You can track the sales of your items on your personal Vendor Dashboard

4. End of listing

At the end of your 60 day listing window you will receive a form to fill out.Here you will let us know where you want your funds to go, either store credit, a charity donation or cash out into your bank account.

You can choose to have your items returned to you ($15.00 postage & admin fees) if we don't hear back within 10 working days your items will be donated.

Please note: payments are paid at the end of every month.