I've filled up my Tidy Kit, now what?

Now it's time to return it to us by sticking your return label on your bag, then request a collection here to have it picked up from you home or drop it off at any PostShop or CourierPost shop near you!

How long will it take for my items to be processed?
Once we receive your bag it will take us up to 7 working days to process your items, this includes inspecting, sorting, photographing and listing them on our website. 

How will I know when my items are listed?
Once this is complete you will receive an email to confirm the items that are being sold online. 

How long are my items listed for?
Items are listed for 60 days

What happens if my items don't sell after 60 days?
You can choose to have these returned to you (you will need to pay postage and handling fees) or let us package them up to be given to those who need them


When do I get my payout options?
After the 60 day listing window, for all your items that have sold a credit will be applied to your account to spend online, if you would like to donate or cash this amount out, please email us at hello@andagain.nz

How much do I get paid out?
You will get paid out 40% of sale price excluding GST. 


Unfortunately we won’t accept items that are damaged or show signs of wear such as fading, rips or shrinkage.

Any items that don't meet these requirements will not be sold. We will 
package them up to be given to those who need them or donated to a charity who can make use of what you no longer need.