One-time only and one-of-a-kind

Crafted from the theme of “Spreading kindness together”, this custom design is a reflection of our beautiful & Again community. Thank you for your continuous love and support.

We have 200 of these babies available for purchase, from sizes XS to XL in unisex styles. If you would like to share your & Again pride, get one while they last!

**Don’t worry - this isn’t a slippery slope to becoming another fast fashion store. This is a one-off collection, which means we won’t be restocking the tees once they are sold out.**

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Merch with meaning

To minimise our impact, we partnered with a small, local brand that shares our values and ethos -The Print Room. 

Our T-shirts were sourced from Stanley/Stella, who produces responsible apparel. They adhere to strict standards under the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and OEKO-100 Eco Passport certifications. They are also members of Fair Wear, an international organisation that aims to improve the conditions of garment workers. 

Made in India from 100% combed organic cotton, these tees were manufactured using renewable wind and solar energy. 

We also opted to print our gorgeous custom design with water-based inks, using The Print Room. Water-based inks are much kinder on the planet as they do not contain PVC, or phthalates and are free from lead. The inks used by The Print Room are also GOTS-certified and have passed the Oekotex Class 1 standard. 

  • Wash sparingly according to symbols

    Like any garment, the fewer times you wash it the longer it’ll last. Try air drying or spot washing your garment whenever possible - but if it’s due for a good clean, refer to the laundry symbols before feeding it to your washing machine!

  • Keep a stain guide handy

    Stains are a pain and they happen to the best of us. Refer to our handy stain guide so you can treat your tee with the care it needs.

  • Mend and repair holes

    We ensure our tees are made with exceptional quality, but hey, accidents happen. If your item is damaged, consider mending it before throwing it away. We’re happy to recommend our favourite techniques if you get in touch.   

  • Resell with us

    If you’re done loving your & Again tee (and it’s still in great condition), send it back to us in a Tidy Kit and we’ll resell it on our platform.